Teacher training, supported by Erasmus+

Our teachers make language learning an exciting experience and guarantee that the learning process in our German and foreign language courses is efficient and fun. On top of this, we continue to develop our skills; we keep improving through the expertise we gain from participating in Lifelong Learning Projects funded by the EU and further contacts to other professionals in adult education.

TANDEM Hamburg is offering trainers in adult education one-week further training seminars on the topics didactics and methodology, in order to enhance the quality of language training through exchange and mutual ‚Best Practice‘ models and thus disseminate experience and skills developed by professionals for professionals.


Teacher teaches, learner listens – always the best idea?

We are offering the following teacher training courses:

„Lernstrategien im modernen Fremdsprachenunterricht kreativ anwenden und vermitteln“:

It is the aim of this training course to inform participants about the current discussion in the field of learning strategies and to and to work and learn work together how learning strategies can be applied by the teacher and used by the learner effectively.
’Learning strategies’ is a term that describes the strategic approach of the learner, and exist not only to enable a learner to acquire a foreign language as efficiently as possible, but also to enable them to learn autonomously outside of the classroom. The areas vocabulary and grammar, reading and listening comprehension, as well as speaking and writing are addressed in this course. The practical use of all required knowledge is a central point in our class in order to be able to produce are big pool of exercises for the participants’ future classes.

Dates coming up:

06.06.16-10.06.16/12.09.16-16.09.16/ 16.01.17-20.01.17/05.06.17.-09.06.17/11.09.17-16.06.17

Further information, a day-to-day curriculum, and the booking form can be found on our website: http://www.hamburg-tandem.de/english/seminars/lernstrategien_en.php

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